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    cyp and tren so far....

    i have polished off 6 weeks of cyp at 600mgs and am ending my 6th week of tren 85mgs ed....i just got 20 more cc's of tren so i can go another 3 weeks...i have one more bottle of adding winny at the question is should i get a 4th bottle of cyp to take wit that first bottle of it would look like this....
    cyp 600mgs wks 1-12
    tren 85mgs ed wks 1-9
    winny 50mgs ed wks 10-15??????thats what im thinkin or should i not even bother wit the extra bottle of cyp?

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    looks alright to me, what kind of results have you seen so far?

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    Yeah tell us the results.............

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    I would run the cyph along with the winny.

    What kind of tren are you using ?
    My next cycle is very close to yours,
    Mine will be Tren Acetate 100mg EOD, Sustanon 250mg EOD, EQ 400mg a week.
    Then I might add winny at the end and run Winny, Sust, EQ for 6 weeks.

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