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    The joy when you feel yourself growing

    How good is it when things come together and you see and feel yourself growing! i am running 1 gram a week and loving life at the moment. i dont give a **** what anyone says, 1 gram is the magic line when magically shit happends, my diet hasnt been the best but i have have keep my protein up.
    around 222lbs 5'9 and bf has dropped only going by what people tell me and they say i am leaner... putting on weight and dropping fat thats a thing of beauty! my gains have been slow but steady. no water, no bloat, no fat gain, just nice solid gains. letro keeping me bone dry. i know people like to pack on as much weight as they can and take the fat along with the bloat, but i rather a cycle with solid gains , key word solid.

    just running test only, i would hate think what would happen if i threw in some tren ! want to get to 230+ and keep it. but as the scales go up the gains start slowing down. never tried tren, but if i do soon... it will be tren enath.

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    congrats bro!
    keep it up.
    i'm in the same boat with u. i'd rather keep the cycle nice and clean throughout when i'm bulking as well. i like to look lean.

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    im on a gram of test myself,runnin it with 600mg eq and i will b throwin in the tren e in a couple of weeks.

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