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    PCT Question Help!

    Hello guys!, I'm on my 3rd week on 400mg deca 2x/wk, 400mg test cyp 2x/wk, 2iu hgh ed, 10mg tamox. I'm thinking ahead of the game about PCT, so I was thinking to go 300mg clomi 1st day, 100mg from day 2 thru day 11th and 50mg from day 12 to the 21 with 20mg of tamox ed OR I should use just HCG ? If I go with HCG, how much I should take daily and for how long. your help is really apreciated!!!!!

    PD: following the advise from ever1 test & deca 2 times a week, 3rd week and from 229lbs I'm on 246lbs now, bf went from 21.5% to 20%, remember, I'm 42 yo, and all thanks to you all guys!!!!!!!

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