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    And we're off... couple questions...

    Ok I started my 1st cycle today... I have never injected before so I was nervous as a M#@$ F#$@er but I had no problems with my 250Mg Test E in the ass :-)

    My cycle is:

    Week 1-12
    BD Test E 250mg every 3.5 Days (500mg/week)

    Week 1-4:
    BD Methanabol 40mg ED

    Week 1-14
    BD Nolvadex 10mg ED

    Clomid and Tribulus

    1. My questions are on the Methanabol they are 10mg (4) tabs should I take them all at once or throughout the day?
    2. Should I take everything together I.E. Nolva, Mbol, and Test E all at the same time or does it not matter?
    3. Should the Test E be refrigerated or anything after opening?

    Anything else you guys want to chime in about feel free


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    I would run Nolva during PCT's as well @ 20 mg a day

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    spread the methanabol throughout the day. try to keep the blood levels stable.
    you can take everything at once. i like to take nolva before bedtime.
    u don't have to refrigerate the test e. at least i don't. just keep it in a dry, cool place.

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