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    New California High School Steroid Regulations

    What a waste of time and money...

    Three rules will be implemented

    Associated Press

    IRVINE, Calif. -- California's top high school sports officials have approved three new regulations aimed at curbing steroid use among teen athletes.

    The California Interscholastic Federation voted Friday to require parents, players and school officials to sign contracts promising that athletes won't use steroids ; regulate what dietary supplements coaches can distribute to athletes; and require coaches to earn a certification that includes steroids -abuse education.

    The new rules, approved unanimously at the 129-member Federated Council's meeting in Irvine, will take effect this fall, though coaches will have until 2008 to earn a CIF/National Federated High School Coaching Program certificate. The council, which oversees high school sports in California, decided against requiring mandatory drug testing.

    The CIF is the first U.S. high school sports organization to take action aimed at curbing steroid use, but other states may follow suit later this spring, said Roger Blake, the CIF's assistant executive director and point man on steroids-related issues.

    "It's a great first step, a great day for California, though we still have a ways to go," Blake said. "We have a lot of hard work in front of us."

    Blake said implementing the regulations won't be easy because much of the burden will be placed on underpaid coaches. He added that all schools must adopt policies that ban the use and abuse of anabolic and androgenic steroids.

    Just before the vote, Frank Marrero, a Vacaville resident whose son Efrain, 19, committed suicide in September, told the council about his son's addiction to steroids, paranoia and fatal self-inflicted gunshot with a .22-caliber pistol.

    "If coaches, parents and athletes were armed with the right information beforehand, perhaps our son would still be alive," Marrero said. "No parent should have to endure the loss of a child. Our one prayer is to prevent this from happening to your family."

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    that will do approximately nothing

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    im sure if you gave out something for people to sign, theyd sign it no matter what. Shit ill sign something saying iw ill never breathe oxygen again, then 1 second later take a deep breatha nd walk away. Im just playing, you can put all the regulations you want in place, test and testing frequently is the only way to stop it

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    Quote Originally Posted by diezell
    that will do approximately nothing

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