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Thread: Hungry

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    Well since I've started my cycle I seem to be hungry all the time. I can eat and eat and eat then later Im freakin starving. Could it be Im not eating enough? Im taking Enanthate 300/week and I've only done one week so far. I taking in well over 200g of protein and drink as much water as I can get in me. I weigh about 210lbs 5'10 and dont have abs. I would guess 15% body fat. I seem to have to fill up every 2-3 hours or Im starving. I assume this is normal if Im not eating properly but thought I would see what you think.

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    This is a common symptom, however, it doesn't usually occur this early in the cycle. Don't ever let yourself go hungry, but on the same token, don't let yourself get too bloated with food.

    Welcome to AR.


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    Thats a really good side effect IMO! Get big baby!

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    lol nothing wrong with that side effect. thanks guys.

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