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    nearin end of cycle

    hi guys
    was running sust and tren for the last little while
    i was getting a little bit of gyno when i went up to 1g test a week
    so i droped the dosage to 750 and then tappered it down to 500 till finish. i started my winny couple weeks ago and took my last sust shot last week. i will be runing 1.5ml winny EOD (3-4 bottles).
    i am just concerned with getting gyno comin off the sust now?
    is that a problem?

    never had a problem with previous cycles but am now a bit psycotic cause i have a small lump and dont want it to get any worse if you know what i mean.

    any suggestions?

    i will be doing full pct with hcg and clomid after the winny.

    thanks guys

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    Instead of lowering the dose to cure gyno, you should have started using nolvadex till it went away, perhaps through PCT also. If you have had gyno before I would run nolva all throughout yor next cycle from start to end. Better safe than sorry.


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