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    Tapering Letro and Nolva ...Necessary...advice

    Ive been reading mixed opinions on the subject.... I just finished a Prop/EQ cycle. I was running Letro at 2.5mg ED throughout the cycle to try and reverse some previous gyno. After 6 weeks i though my gyno was getting worse so i started taking Nolva at 80mg ED for the last 4 weeks. i start PCT in two weeks ( because of a screw im starting in coordination with the EQ) and was wondering if i have to Taper the Letro. I do not want to screw up my chest even more and piss away my work ..because of an Estrogen rebound. I docked the Letro to about 1.5 mg ED, and the nolva to 60.and am seein a little water retention in the gut area as well as some i bumped the Nolva back up to 80mg. Do i have to taper and if so ...any experienced guys no the proper way tot do this.... Help!!!

    ps. PCT will have Nolva -Clomid -Clen - Trib -ZMA- protein

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    just take a little less with each successive dosage until you are done

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