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Thread: Help Me Please

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    Help Me Please

    first cycle im gonna use deca durabolin and i need to know how much and what else to add to it please make me a full cycle i really dont know that much yet

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    I wouldn't order it quite yet. Spend some time reading the steroid profiles on the mainpage and the forums here. I wouldn't use deca for a first cycle imo just a single ester test would be fine. How old are you, what is your training experience etc?

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    First cycles should be run with some sort of Test. Deca is not a wise chioce for beginners, My suggestion is to run a cycle like this

    Test e 500mg/wk

    How many cycles have you ran previously? I am assuming none. How old are you. How long have you been lifting? How much do you weigh? And most importantly, what does your diet look like ? Post this, and we will be more capable of helping you further.

    Edit: Damn Sym, you're quick!!!

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    You're not going to get to many good responses from that last post. You should do a little more research before you start asking questions about a cycle. Plus, most people on this forum will suggest that you do a test. only first cycle. So start looking up cycles for first time users than post a cycle that you think you might want to do. Don't just ask for someone to make up a cycle for you.

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