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    Need help, first injection.

    Hey all, new to this scene. Well I picked my first cycle which is going to be winstrol depot and deca . I am going to use 22 guage 1 1/2 needle. If someone can explain in great detail how to inject into my glute. Like the area and the angle of the needle and the depth. I do know that i place my thumb on my hip bone then reach around to where my pinky lands and that is supposedly the spot. Now do I shove the needle in sraight or on an angle, what angle etc? Does using an ice cube help, and anything you can think of to make this as easy as possilbe. A drawing of the injection site would be optimum. Thx

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    42 and review the info. provided on steroid .com

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    not that great of an idea, id run a test with those compunds...

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