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    Feedback on 2nd cycle.

    I recently just got done with my first cycle which was d-bol only. I gained and kept approximately 17 lbs. The weight I put on was alot of mass but I am currently wanting to start another cycle to gain some quality muscle and help with speed(football).

    Week 1-6: Tes Prop EOD at 50mg
    Week 1-4: D-bol 25mg ED
    Week 5-6: Oxandrolone (Anavar ) 25mg ED

    I will follow up with a good PCT consisting of Nolva. I will also run clenbuterol for 6 weeks, taking benadryl the third week to cleanse the beta 2 receptors.
    Aslo, does anyone think that liquidex should be used during this cycle?

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    Jessica Albas' ASS
    dude this cycle sux ass
    you need to do anavar for at least 8 wks
    dbol - toss em aint worth a crap
    and prop should be ran for at least 8-10 wks
    and the prop at 50mg eod is a waste
    so here's my suggestion for you
    wk 1-10 test prop 75mg ed or 150mg eod
    wk 1-8 anavar 40-50mg ed
    keep nolva on hand through out cycle
    clomid pct

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    how long did you do this dbol only cycle and when did you finish? Did you do PCT? Also, what are you stats?

    I agree w/ Thegr8one, you really need to work on improving your cycle. Spend some time on here doing research

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    THanks for info. I got great gains on d-bol so I wanted to cycle them in. It's only my second cycle so I thought that 50mg of prop eod would be effecient. Also, was only running anavar for two weeks because of costs. If running var for two weeks is useless then I may just throw it out.
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    Longhorn, I did this D-Bol only cycle for 5 weeks. I took 20mg M-F w/ weekends off.
    During cycle I was taking an ANimal Pak a day and about 250g of protein. I started off weighing 226lbs and finished at 245lbs. I attended a combine recently weighing in at 243.5 (off cycle for about 3 weeks now). My PCT cosisted of Clen and estrodex from SAN. Also runnig V-12 now. Not a great PCT but I wasn't that worried about the sides bc I was a newbie, still kinda of am.

    4.85 forty
    4.33 20 yd. shuttle
    30 inch vert.
    squat 415
    Bench 275 (weak, i know)

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