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    Sustanon 250+Deca+Anavar

    Dear BBers,

    I am planning my first cycle ( i have 3 years training under my belt)

    Sust: 1 amp 250 mg Monday
    Deca : 1 amp 250 mg Friday

    Anavar : (please suggest)

    For 6-8 weeks...

    Please suggest PCT, if required

    Thanks in advance

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    every1's gonna suggest 500mg test E weekly for 10-12 weeks. I did something similar to your cycle without the anavar and for 10 weeks and it sucked, just my exp., not enough test.

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    sust has to be shot eod.

    you can shoot test and deca in the same syringe.
    6-8 weeks is to short go for 10-12 weeks min.
    no need for anavar for first cycle.

    my advice is research a bit more(esp pct) before you start juicin.

    dont forget youre anti-e's

    good luck bro,


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