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    Is prohormone use a good indicator of AAS tolerence and performance

    I was just wondering if there is a direct correlation between prohormone use and the tolerence of AAS. For example some prohormones convert to test once it's activated in the liver by the various liver enzymes.

    So if someone did a cycle of one of these prohormones and got no acne, hairloss or gyno does that mean that if that person used pure test (ie AAS as opposed to a prohormone that converted to test) would he not experience any problems either? Has anyone had any experience of this??

    Just a thought..but perhaps I'm just in the wind here....

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    There is no valid comparison, no.


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    Not even close...not that I can see

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    No way, is worse than AS on hair loss though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuttup
    No way, is worse than AS on hair loss though!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuttup
    No way, is worse than AS on hair loss though!
    Usually with prohormones you get all the sides of AAS but not much in the way of gains.

    Aren't prohormones schedule I drugs now? If your going to get busted and go to prison for something don't let it be for prohormones, at least get something that actually works.

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    I did andro, & norandro for 3 years before I tried "gear". I got some decent gains, and the only sides were positives, libido, gave me an even mood, cool sense of well being and self confidence. But the muscle gains were slow, It took 3 years to put on about 20lbs. That was 20 more than I could have put on natural though. On gear I have had mild symptoms of all you mention. But I put on about 20 more pounds of muscle in only a couple months when I first tried gear. It is awesome powerful in comparison, in fact I agree, I don't think it is wise to even try to compare the two. All the possitive effects I had on prohormones were also stronger on gear too. Now that I am on stronger stuff even the last year or so, I grew incredible hair everywhere but the top of my head, lol. It freaked me out at first.

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    wll u lose hair iwth ph's, including superdrol,m1t?

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