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    Need serious help!

    Here is the deal. On day 11 of my cycle (prop 150mg eod and npp 100mg eod). I am running a ug lab mix of 100/100 prop/npp and an additional 50 mg of prop only in each injection. I have used this ug lab many times with great success. Here is the problem....Every injection (butt and thighs) has produced a golfball like swelling for 4-5 days with redness around site. No pain durring injection but the next few days are real bad. Can not work out my legs, or even walk real well. This is my first run with prop (just used enanthate in the past). Is this normal? I am ready to scrap the whole cycle because I am afraid I will fukk myself up. Do you think the gear is dirty? No temperature or sick feeling. If worse comes to worse, I have left over eq and enanthate so I will just switch over. I really do not want to inject into a swolen lump (that has been without injections for 6 or 7 days). Please help. I can handle the pain if I absolutely have to but I also don't want to hurt myself.

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    i diden't get any red lump. But when i tried prop it hurt like hell coulden't work out proper. Some people are just sensitive to it

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    Could an allergic reaction be possible?
    You might just be one of the unlucky ones.
    Stay safe dude.

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    get some grapeseed oil or b-12 and cut it... I hate the prop ester myself.

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    somebody a week ago had the same syptoms(golf ball puffiness). but redness to my knowledge sounds like an infection. apply some bacatracin or neosporin to it after injection

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