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    My Thermorexin, YES experience

    Ok, after all the readings of t-rex and yes on many on the forums i decided to give it a try. i've been on it for one week. currently taking 4 tabs/day and will increase to 6 tomorrow. i must say that my workouts have been incredible except for the first day lol. today for example, i was able to workout longer and harder. just feels like i have extra energy. however, i dont really buy into "hot spells" and "uncontrollable sweating." i just dont feel it. anyways, workouts are great, just wanted to let you guys know. oh almost forgot, my appetite isnt really suppressed whatsoever, but cramping is more pronounced (been increasing water intake and electrolytes).
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    appetite suppression varies. Synephrine can be a potent appetite suppressant, but due to individual variations some people get very little appetite suppression.

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