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Thread: Help with cycle

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    Help with cycle

    Hey I was wondering if a cycle would be a good idea for me. I am 5'11, and im 178. I have decent muscle mass. nothing great. Im in highschool and my lifting partner is going to hop on a cycle. He did one before, and got big, so he gonna try another one. If taking one is an idea...what would be something to put on lean muscle mass?

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    Your profile says you were born in October, 1985. So either you aren't in high school or you lied and shouldn't be on this site cause you are too young. Which is it?

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    nobody in high school should touch steroids and you most likely arent old enough to be on this site and will get banned. You are not very smart if you do take them. You have more natural test in your body than you could inject right now. Work on diet and training and you'll gain a lot naturally at your age. Save the steroids until youre much older. By taking them at a young age, youre at a great risk of messing up your body

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