I hope I am writing this post in the correct place, if not I am sorry.

I am 24, 6'3" 220lbs. Have never cycled. I got out of the military in Jan. and went back to college to play some ball. The season just got over and I need to make some gains by next fall. I am going to place an order with an anti-aging in Flordia within the next two days. I know I want to use anavar , but what to stack it with is what I can't decide on. I read that deca and test e are commonly stacked with the anavar, but there is a history of gyno in my family so I am just a little leary of the sides that might occur. The consultant I am working with also suggested HGH. Any thoughts on that monster? Also diet and workout are not an issue, just basically looking for any comments I can get. Thanks