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    My Long Overdue Next Cycle

    FINALLY, I'm getting back on. After many, many, MANY months of being off I have finally got my shit together enough that I can get back on. My stats: 5'8", 260lbs,, more than enough (but screw it I'm a powerlifter). So here goes:

    Week 1-4 60mg D-Bol
    Week 1-12 1 gram Test E

    Liquidex throughout.

    PCT with clomid, nolva and liquidex.

    Pretty simple, but I just wanna get back on the horse and get exotic after that. I might bump up the d-bol to 80mg but we'll see how it goes.

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    good luck bro, let us know how it went.


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    Looks simple enough, not much to debate here if thats all you want to run so have fun bro

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