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    Question about Enethate

    I heard when your on juice your are suppose to be able to train harder and train for longer and you could train through pain but I feel the same when I train. I've only been takin 500mg/EW of Test Enethate for 1 and a half weeks but just want to know if my stuff is legit. Are your suppose to feel any diffenrent while on test because I heard some people feel diffenrent. In one and a half weeks I've gained 3kg but I havn't gotten any bigger not noticablly anyways, would it be just water, does this mean my stuff is definately legit.

    Cheers, I'm just a bit paranoid, just makin sure

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    takes me about 4 weeks to notice effects of enanthate

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    yea give it a full 4 weeks... how is diet?

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