i was wondering how many bottles of each i would need for my pct after a m1t cycle... i need nolva clen and clomid.... i plan to buy from the review and research..... and this is how much i need of each for the whole pct cycle... 840mg of nolva..... 1800 os clomid.... and i dont know how much i should use of clen(any advice).... ok well thanks for the help... once again i need to know how many bottles of each i should have to buy ... my pct shedule is as followss

Weeks 5-8: 40 mg ED of Nolvadex for the first two weeks, Then down to 20 mg ED of Nolvadex
Weeks 5-8: Clomid Therapy, 300 mg of clomid first day, 100 mg of clomid next 10 days, 50 mg of clomid for final 10 days of clomid therapy.

mix in clen with that above.... also should i take milk thistle while in pct or while im taking m1t..? if you could write back it would be great....!!

also is review and research good.. can i get in trouble for ordering any of the pct from them by the gov or anyone