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    Enanthate or Cyp

    Testosterone Enanthate 300 mg/Week Weeks:1-10
    Nolvadex at 10mg ED Weeks:1-15
    Clomid Therapy Weeks:13-15

    This was my planned first cycle. but after talking to my source about it he cannot get enanthate . only prop and cyp tests. after doign some research i couldnt find a reason that cyp would be harmful to me... am i missing something. is it a bad idea for a first cycle? ...and also he says that it wuold be enough for 250mg once a week for 10 weeks

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    Canada Ehh...
    great first cycle. cyp is fine.
    as far as I know it is almost identicle to enanthate

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    cyp and enanthate are pretty much the same thing. go for it..

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    sssssssssssstraight. thanks

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    The same thing happened to me. I wanted to do Test E, but they delivered Test C instead.

    I would say that yoy definately want to run it 10 weeks and might not hurt to go 12 weeks. It takes as long as 4 to 5 weeks for the Test to kick in. Frontloading is an option to speed this process up.

    Also 250mgs a week is an awfully small dosage. I would think most people bump up the dosage a bit to around 500 mgs a week for the first cycle.

    You also need to make sure the gear you are getting allows you to do two injections per week. This keeps blood levels constant and avoids sides.

    Good luck with your cycle.

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    Either one. You can even start with one and continue with the other, if you have limited quantities of both. For most practical purposes, they are identical.

    250mg/week CAN give you some decent gains in your first cycle, if diet and training are up to snuff. I have seen good and poor results from low dose cycles. The thing is, if you have the knowledge and discipline to get good gains from 250mg/week, then you will do quite well on your subsequent cycles, too, at higher doses. Light dose cycles can serve as a proving/testing ground. They enforce good training and eating practices. Sides are practically non-existent except for a moderately strong libido kick. Yes, you would gain more by doubling your dose... but if you are in this for the long haul, you should think about sticking to 250-300mg/week for this cycle, maybe try 500mg next one, and stack some deca or eq with your test in the one after that.

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    250 cyp a week was my first run. Great results.

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