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    5,000 cals on day off?

    Is it necessary to consume the 5000 cals when im on a day off?

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    Well, there are two seprerate camps of thought on this.. One is this.. Your body is growing on that off day.. so you should provide it with the necessary calories it needs to grow..

    The other camp says that you are not expending as much energy so your caloric intake should not be as high as some of that will turn to fat..

    IMO, you should eat just about as much on your off day as you do on your on day.. make sure to keep your protein intake high... You may just want to eat cleaner on days that you are not working..

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    depends on alot of things..weight,goals.are you bulking..5000 cal is about maintnance for me.I personally try and eat the same way on my days recover and grow when you better have the right nutrients and calories to allow for growth

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