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    start sustanon after 8 weeks of cyp?

    I have been doing cyp at 500mg for about 8 weeks. My results have only been mediocre. I just bought 30 amps of sustanon . I also still have 15 ml of cyp and 15 ml of enanthate . I am planning on staying on through summer. (right or wrong) My question is. Do i start the sustanon or continue with the cyp for a couple more weeks. My gains have really started to slow down. Recommendations???

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    I would be asking myself why my gains were slow. Post your diet and cycle. If your diet is wrong you wont make any gains.

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    Some of my biggest gains on cyp were between 8-10 wks.

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    I dont think it is gonna make a difference what test you are using,cyp,ethanate,prop,whatever are all test they just have different esters but when your injecting 2-3 times a week it dosent really make a difference less you go from from fake gear to legit I dont think you will notice a difference jmo.

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    save the sustonon, stick with the cyp... sustonon has some fast acting test in it ( propinate ) and its great but silly to start late in a cycle when that cyp is just getting ready to kick in...

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