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    !st Cycle - Trying to cut up

    Im new to this and just ordered a GH kit with some Cydamel to try and balance the thyroid side effects. What else should I take to go with this or is this good? 21 yrs old, 5'9" 175 lbs, 10% bf, My body reacts well and quickly when working out.
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    GH is not the way to go for a first timer. Besides that you're only 21 yrs old, you still have time to grow naturally.

    You should stick around here and read all u can ... it will benefit u in the long run.

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    if your body still reacts well to working out, you should take your body to it's natural max and then think about juice

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    youre way to young for gh bro,
    and one kit is'nt gonna do the job,gh needs to be run for at least 20 weeks.
    you still got a lot to grow naturally so take advantage of that,it pays back in the long run.
    keep educating yourself in the meantime.

    and at 175 & 10% i would'nt worry about cutting up try to get some muscle at youre frame first.


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    I appreciate the help guys but as far as natural growth goes I havent grown since i was 18 and my weight never fluctuates more than 2 to 3 lbs. Im looking for something that will add strength and mph's to the fastball.
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    lol im not telling :D
    its because ur diet blows.. seriously diet is 80%.. go to diet forum read stickys and learn to eat first.
    FOOD IS THE MOST ANABOLIC SUBSTANCE ON EARTH!! well next to my man juice

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    at your age you should not run gh at all. you body is going to stop making its own. so when you stop taking the gh you will stop growing.

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