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    Cool Creatine and HMB . . .

    Hello everyone. Will a combination of Creatine and HMB build serious muscle mass quickly if i lift and run at least 5 days a week? Or will it do next to nothing?

    Thanks for the help and suggests.

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    post this in the supplement section... u will have a better chance of getting an answer..

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    creatine/hmb is great, but its never gonna be steroid great... eat lots of protien and good carbs like brown rice and oats, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and lift heavy for less reps and dont compound muscle failure sets on top of more muscle failure sets that isnt helping you no matter what you think...

    train smart, and sure take some creatine/hmb or nito tech or whatever

    if you have any filthy steroids PM me and I can give you an adress to send them, I will dispose of them immediatley, or over a 12 week period...

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