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    Think gear is bunk/underdosed

    I have read many threads like this but here goes.
    Got some UGL prop(don't know much about the source) started shooting 16 days ago. 5x100 per week. Every shot hurts some for as much as a week-and that is cutting it with .5cc of B12. I got sick-like a cold a just under a week after starting and I am still sick with a cold. Even so I have still been training hard and eating like a champ(trust me I have been to the diet forum)
    I feel no stronger/have had no weight gain/no increase in sex drive.
    I am on letro .5mg/day (ARR) and avodart .5 mg day(for hair)
    Is this gear bunk/should I wait till I am better from this cold to see better?
    1st real cycle(test cycle)
    5"11 177lbs 8%bf

    Any input appreciated

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    It can't be the UGL prop unless you got it counterfeit (doubtful, its already pretty cheap). It shouldn't really hurt though, but I don't know your threshold for pain. Do you trust your source? It's probably legit and you have a case of test-flu, which will most def hinder your strength and weight gains. I pretty much get sick on the 3-4th week of every cycle, nothing to worry about. I'd continue taking the prop and keep doing what you are doing, once your hormones get used to the test and level off, you will be good to go.

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    Do yourself a favor and dont inject stuff if you dont know its from a quality UG lab... I have had the same experience with prop however from a well respected lab, it was 200mg per ml prop and even cutting 1/2 ml of prop with 1 1/2 ml of oil and I was still in agony and had acid reflux and flu symptoms.

    I dont mind the injections at all, but my body perhaps PH levels make prop unbearable... I can use cyp, enanthate and sustonon with no problems even though the sust has prop in it...

    if you cant find a good UG lab, I suggest looking for a mexican connection, QV makes some great gear and if you get it shrink wrapped and hologramed you will know its legit, all fo QVs line is good, tornel's supertest 250 if great in my oppinion, and I have used alot of denkall orals... reforvit B tabs are also good but slightly underdosed... but 1000 25mg dbol tabs for 300 bucks is hard to beat..

    last option is to find a powder supplier and brew at home, I finally did this just so I could afford anavar , and now what used to cost 300-400 dollars costs closer to 50$...

    if you cant find a source you just arent trying hard enough, there are several open source forums with some great suppliers, you just need to be carefull...

    Good luck to you bro

    and thats my 2 cc's

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    Where can you get these powders. I have been looking, found some, but dont knwo if there legit or not. I dont want to waste money on somethign thats a crock. Please help.

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