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    3rd cycle.. your input please

    Ok my previous cycles have been

    1-10 500mg test/week
    1-4 30mg/dbol

    1-10 500mg test/week
    7-12 50mg/day anavar

    Both cycles done w/ proper PCT afterwards.

    I'm looking to up the dose, and go on for an extended period of time..

    Here's what I am looking to do:

    1-4 40mg turanabol
    1-24 750mg test/week
    1-24 10mg nolva/day
    1-24 .25 adex/day
    1-24 1gram finastride/day
    20-26 40mg turanabol

    Going to run milk thristle this time, and followed by the proper PCT..

    my questions are

    1) This cycle too long ? if so, what should I adjust it to?

    2) I felt like after two cycles of 500mg that maybe I should see what an increased dose would generate for gains, is it too soon? or is this fine..

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    Why not back down to 14-16 weeks? 24 weeker on your third seems very long, you increased the dose why not just extend a few weeks to see how you handle it? Other than that it looks fine.

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    Dec 2003
    very good point, it is a new dosage i should tail it back a bit..

    thanks for your input keep it comming guys

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    i would lower the test and some eq

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    agreed 24 weeks is too long for your third cycle.

    also why jump up 250mg/week just start off with 100more per week to see how u repsond to that.

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