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Thread: cardio

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    Anyone have a good recommendation for a cardio routine? I heard doing more than 20 minutes a day can actually be detrimental cuz you lose muscle along with the fat... also should it be done every day or just a couple times a week?

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    wrong want to do cardio in the A.M also you want to go about 35-45 minutes at about 65-70% of your MHR and you are going to want to do this about 4-5 times a week...JMO

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    When cutting, I do cardio 5 X a week. Right after I wake i take 5 gm glutamine, then hit the cardio for 45min-1hr. Right after cardio I have a doub protein shake + tablespoon flax oil...When not on cutting diet I try to do cardio 3x week for 45 min.

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