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    winny and fina combo question

    i never hear anything about this combo on these boards but i heard through friends it works wonders. If this is a good stack what kind of test should i look at takin? I'm lookin to shred up what i got and a lil bigger never hurts. I know how bad prop hurts through experience and i kinda debating the whole 3cc's a day thing but i love the instant gains it gives. I tried sus and didnt really care too much for it at all. Would test-e work ok if im lookin to cuy up? any advise would help and if i left any blank spots just lemme know. I'm plannig on a 10wks fina and 6wks winny. thx guys

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    Or delete this one since you posted another copy of this thread... well, with a smiley face on the other.

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