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    Question Deca only cycle for a newbie

    What do you guys think about a Deca only cycle for a first timer? Im not looking for huge gains but just looking to gain some strength and shed some fat.

    My unlce took a Deca only cycle (self prescribed to help with kidney problem) Dont ask me. I know hes not the brightest bulb around. But anyway he didnt work out(like i said he took it to help his kidney problem) and he lost a ton of fat by just taking the Deca and doing normal day to day stuff.

    Was this due more to his internal problems or can a Deca cycle help lose fat and at the sametime see some strength and size gains with a mild workout?

    I know about the ECA stack eveyone talks about but last year I was taking Stacker2 and hated the feeling of it. So Im not really into the whole ECA stack.

    Any comments or suggested are appreciated.
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    deca is normal used for bulking up.. not cutting down and you should add some test.. do a search for DECA DICK and you'll understand why i say that.. good luck bro

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    I suggest you research before you take a deca only cycle, do a search on deca only, you will definately not take this product alone. Deca will not shed some lbs bro, it is used for gaining weight, it will however get you stronger, wait till u have the money and do it right, its ur body ur playing with, and u only got one man treat it well...

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