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    Went to the doc today!

    Ok so i went to see my doctor today for allergies, but while i was there i just had to ask a few questions. My doctor has no clue about test usage for body building, then he says why would you use nolva for anti's? its for breast cancer in woman, then im like ya i know that! So i turned my doctors face red a few times, and got absolutly no where with him. What should i do call every doctors office in the area asking for someone that has knowledge about roids?
    After that i blasted him with all kinds of questions about things in the medical field that make no sense to me, all he could say was "because it illegal", And im like YA in this country. Anyone else ever run into this kind of crap, all i want to do is run a small test cycle whats the harm in that. I told the doc while i was on my first cycle i never felt so good. And he goes well i can understand that. Any input?

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    You better hope he doesnt put it on the record.

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    You are not the only one that has said that, what the heck has been going on that i dont know about. What happened to privacy and doctors not being allowed to talk about your buisness.

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    my doc is dumb as a doornail as well when it comes to gear.

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    A doctor is allowed to share information with insurance companies about patient history if you are using insurance to pay for your visit. If that shows up it can be difficult to get insurance in the future along with other problems.

    If you want to discuss hormone treatments you need to go to someone who specializes in it like an endocrinologist.

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