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Thread: Gyno Alert!!!!!

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    Gyno Alert!!!!!

    Hi guys pretty new here, a good buddy of mine just informed me today that I may have GYNO??!!? Left over from puberty? It seems to be just puffy nips right now, no lumps, but definetly puffy. I not on cycle but I need some information and I know that this is the place to get it..

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    so what do u want ask a question

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    If you are curious if you actually have it or not, post up a pic. What cycles have you run if any?

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    you have to be more specific.picture..cycles youve taken ..age?

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    No drugs will help natural gyno

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    Natural gyno

    Quote Originally Posted by LORDBLiTZ
    No drugs will help natural gyno
    Actually (from first hand experience) there are 2 forms of natural gyno. THere is the unsightly fat deposite (still considered gyno since this fat is an estrogen based deposite) and then there is gyno that includes mamory glands. some glands are very big and hard where as the fat is.... well its just fat. THe glandular type natural gyno must be surgically removed, but the fat deposite is suseptable to spot reduction with the help of some of our anti Es, and a strict diet. I do not have before pictures but can tell you that a fat caliper measurement of the fat deposite before the use of Letro and L-Dex (both available at was in the 80's and now when I pinch and mesuer its in the 30's my nipples are still not completely flat but I can tell you when people stare at me now with my shirt off its because I look like Evander Holyfield and not a flabby titty man. My main purpose for body building was to flatten my nipples, and make my chest more manly. 15 years later and 55 pounds of pure muscle added and my chest still looked weird. SO 4 months ago I figured it was time to run a cycle. I am in my last week of a 16 week long cycle of L-dex .5cc eod and letro 2.5mg eod along with 750 mg of Test enath. and 500 mg of deca . Now this cycle may have shrunk the titty fat by its self but the fat didnt start to disappear untill I added the ldex and letro at the 8 week mark. my love handles are complety gone. I am 6'1 205 and 7%BF. just my .02

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