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Thread: Test E/Var

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    Test E/Var

    my second cycle I am again using Test Enanthate and proviron , But im thinking about also adding in anavar as well, because I know that test doesnt quite kick in til around week 4, and with anavar I could go ahead and get my strength gains up before the test gains come in . But heres a question, if it came down to it, and I needed to replace the var with O/T because of price issues, could I expect the same strength and vascular gains from O/T as var?

    Test E 500mg/week
    wks 1-10
    Proviron 50mg/ED
    wks 5-12
    Anavar 40mg/ED
    wks 1-6
    wks 12-15

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    i would prefer to use the var at the end of the cycle through to the beg of pct.

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