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    Arrow sorry for a new thread... but need help fast!!!!!

    hello all... i am just starting a cycle of m1t mad by ids i just would like to no if you guys think they are real or not cuz i have been taking 2 pills a day or 20mgs ed for 5 days now and havent felt really anything as of yet..... this is what it says on the bottle...

    says on the front of the bottle... Methyl(in red)-1-Testosterone EXTREme.. then it say 90 387 mg capsules... and then 10mg methyl-1-test(in red) then on the bottom it says dietary supplement.. methylplatform series.... sorry for no pics.... the ingredients read as 17-alpha-methyl 1-testosterone 10mg
    bergamottin 100 mg (6,7 dihydroxybergamottin DHB)
    proprietary blend 255mg (bupleurum,hoelen,cayenne)
    Viatmin b6 2mg
    Vitamin b12 6mcg
    niacin 20mg....

    sorry for no pics but is this real ... the bottle is a boxy kind of shape and there is a little bit of a yellow background behind the methyl-1-testosterone extreme on the front.... the capsules are 10mgs each and are a white gray color.... any ideas anyone or will i start to see some sides or effects soon.... i dont fell totally ok but i really dont feel and sides or anything soo i dont no if they are working...? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    From personal experience I found that it takes at least 1.5-2 weeks to kick in.

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    if ur gonna play around with that stuff u might as well just get juice.
    i took the m1t when it was on the market and it wasnt anything special, increased pumps i guess, but i didnt get any results from it.,
    everyones different tho so who knows

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