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    help for 2nd cycle

    hi all
    i,m sat here thinking about my second cycle and i,m totally baffled on what to do on my first cycle which ended 2 months ago i did
    sus 750 mg a week
    deca 600 mg a week
    and dbol 30 mg ed
    any ideas on what would make a good second bulking cycle
    also better put this in
    i,m 30 years old 280LB and about 15% bf
    cheers all

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    okay, your a pretty heavy guy at 280.. you wanna do another bulking cycle, when ur at 15% bf of 280lbs?
    thats alot of gear for your first cycle..
    week 1-12 500mg eth
    week 1-11 500mg deca
    week 1-5 45mg dbol
    and takesome nolva 10mg-20mg ed, throughout the cycle, and during the pct.

    you think thats cool?

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