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Thread: kidney health

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    kidney health

    What do you guys take to promote kidney health while on AAS? Local gym owner (w/pro card) just died. Cause of death came out as renal failure, he was a longtime, heavy AAS user.

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    dont use oral aas in a super high dose, for a super extended period of time..

    drink a tonne of water, its the purifier - 2 gallons a day for sure!
    ive heard of people i know, on 50mg dbol - for a first cycle, getting really sore kidneys (eating approx 3g protein per pound of LBM).. the guy i know didnt drink muych water, and stopped during midcycle because the pain was hardcore, and he couldnt take it anymore.

    theres a whole bunch of variables.. im a hater of anadrol - it could be related to anadrol use or abuse, or a crazy high dosage of dbol..

    imo anyway.. hope it helps?

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