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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    looking to add winni to my sus/eq cycle , question is, does eq lubricate your joints like deca , just concerned because from doing research i found out that winni sometimes hurts your joints, dries them out, etc. thanks for help
    also has anyone done a sus,eq,winni cycle, how was it?

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    Deca and EQ are similar in that they both cause an increase in colligen synthesis.. However, Deca is better for joints in that it causes in increase in synovial fluid; Which is very good for the joints.. The increased colligen synthesis that users gain from EQ greatly benefits the tendons and ligaments...

    Winstrol is horrible for the joints and tendons as it actually causes cellular necrosis in the living cells that make up the tendons and ligaments.. "drying" them out is a side effect of the death of the cells...

    If you are going to use Winstrol remember that it is a 17alkylated steroid in either form and as such is hard on the liver.. avoid prolonged usage... say 50-100mg ED or EOD for no more than 5-6 weeks.. I would advise staying away from it altogether.. IMO it simply isn't worth it. and it causes more injuries than any other two AAS combines..
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    prop over winny anyday - imo.
    so many more benefits

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