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    My Clen diary....kind of...

    Ok so 2day is my 2nd day on clen ...went up from 40 mcgs to 60 today...and i could tell the difference...sweating...and slight shakes while at work...i dont know if i was drinkin more water or if it was the clen or what...but i pissed like a racehorse all day today...also i was feeling a pump all day...probably in my mind because theres alot of mirriors where i work so i like to stand in them and look at myself.

    So i leave work and head strait to the gym...popped a lil caffiene because i was feeling sluggish. Got in a really good work that would usually make me very tired but it went good...

    heres the worst part...which really isnt that horrible is that i keep cramping not extreme...just little things....ive been eating bananas and havin a lil bit a gatoraide but didnt seem to help...

    all and all so far so good started this week at 223...we will see where i end up next monday...

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    Keep us posted

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