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    lower bf w test?

    by the profiles here on this site it I see that test will burn BF. Good cause I could use that. I've been trying to get some cuts and have a ways to go before I am there (I hope to lose 20lbs). I have already lost 15 from diet and cardio but hope some help from gear will get me there quicker.

    I've mentioned in my other thread that I have some Winstrol tabs right now and will get some test cyp.....this will be my 1st time. Many have mentioned to leave the winstrol for now (since I'm new) and do 4-500mg test for 10-12 weeks. Fine, but will test really help out that much with the BF?

    I am already very muscular (weigh 220lbs right now) so max size isn't absolutely paramount out of a cycle. I could either save the winstrol for a later cycle and do the test suggested or simply do the winstrol to lean some (or do both). What sounds best for me? A couple people have already mentioned the test only for 1st cycle, but will I get leaner at least somewhat on it?

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    If your just wanting to drop body fat then a sound diet and plenty of cardio will get you cut up.
    You won't really get leaner on a cycle of test e.
    For your goals i would probably advise var as you can add some quality LBM and it does help in cutting up.

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    Diet and Cardio are the most important aspects of a cutting IMHO. Without them you WILL NOT lose weight.

    Prop/Var would be a good place to start for cutting, or just Var run at 50mg/ED for 6-8 weeks.

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    I have been doing cardio (30mins running on treadmill) every day for months on end, sweating myself completely soaked after my hour of hardcore training. My genetics are great for size and strength which is why I've never had to crank, but terrible for staying lean (but I was much leaner untill I had a medical situation occur and the med I had to take at the time packed fat on me). My diet has been good for quite some time as well. I AM losing bf, but was hoping a cycle (which I want to do anyway) would accelerate it.

    As I said the test profile on this site says it will cause fat loss and I hope it does at least a little in ADDITTION to my diet and cardio.

    I'll check see if Anavar is winstrol isn't a good choice for cutting then?

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    lol im not telling :D
    running is bad Heart rate too high utilize protein for fuel and make muscles small and not even using fat because you are utilizing a higher grade of fuel. (NOT GOOD) taking 1 step forward 2 steps back. Diet is 80% of i goto diet forum get info from stickies. Personaly i wouldnt even think of gettin on gear unless you have your diet perfectly in check (which you dont) and adaquate training info
    Good Luck.

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