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    Options? Hair-friendly winter Bulker. I need some opinions, thinking of 1g test

    i usually post over at elite, but im gettin nothing, so i figured id give it shot here

    im currently on, and will be until beginning of july. ill take my time off and get on a 14-16 winter bulker to gain all the weight back ive dieted off. Currently 182-185, heaviest ever was 197 with low BF. I want to get to about 210. this will be my 4th cycle

    Diet will be 5000+ somewhat clean calories
    ive never run more than 500mg test, but i want to bulk like crazy. i cant take deca cause i need to be on finasteride. thinking about a gram of test, but i should probably work up to that.

    1-8 1g omnadren
    9-12 750
    13-14 500
    15-16 250 if i run a gram i want to ween myself off, im not coming off a gram a week of test cold turkey.
    1-6 60mg tbol
    11-16 60mg tbol

    or i was thinking i should do the sane thing, and just run test 500wk for 14-16 weeks with tbol.

    whats my best option? any other suggestions are welcome, must be hair friendly though. and no "just shave your head and do this crazy cycle posts"

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    dont pyramide with youre test thats old school and only brings more sides cause of unstable bloodlevels.


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    its not a pyramid, its tapering off

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    bump for opinions

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    why tapering off?? can not find one good reason.
    I must say that I lose a lot more hair from 1 gram test then I do with 500 mg test and 400 mg Deca . But we are all different.

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