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    Delt hurts like a mofo

    Ran out of different spots on my ass, so I hit my right delt yesterday.

    Unlike my glutes which barely get sore and can be shot the next day, my delt is SORE AS ****. i cant even lift my arm up all the way without really feeling the pain.

    Did i do something wrong or are some areas just more painful than others when it comes to soreness afterwards

    by the way its 75mg prop

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    ive heard delts are should have used the quads..

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    Mar 2005
    eek! everytime i poke my quad with my finger it seems to be so sensitive!!! i couldnt imagine injecting there.

    but i guess ill try....

  4. yeah man.. 1st injection in delts make em sore as hell.. my first one was sore for a week..

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