hey bro's

my stats:
age 23
7% bf

last and first cycle was 3 months ago..it was test prop..by it self. I had good gains from that cycle...but had lost a ton of hair. I know i should have used finesteride..but mistakes happen. i have been clean for three months and want to strt a new cycle

I have

2 bottles of NPP at 20ml 100mg
2 bottles of liquid anavar 30ml (20mg)
clomid 30ml (50mg)
letro(jus incase)

now i understand that I should run test. but I really don't want to loose my hair..and i don't want to mess with finesteride just yet. I know that deca is pretty bad alone...but my assumption is that NPP is a lot better than jus deca. Please if anyone has experience with the above, let me know how I should structure my cycle.

I don't want to get really huge...jus lean gains with min water bloat.