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    Anyone tired of politicians war against gear?

    Maybe itís me but Iím f*cking fed up. Get a clue and focus on what's important in America and last time I checked terrorists & illegals were a lil more of a priority .

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    Not a well known name.
    I'm pretty sure there is a dead horse somewhere around here you could beat...

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    just one of many many reasons that I stopped paying taxes...

    youve got these pencil necked geeks in congress passing new laws to prevent them from ever having to be around 300 pounders. yet they have no problem at all taking billions of kickbacks every year from tobacco companys...

    In mexico steroids are easy to obtain, and they dont have a steroid problem.

    If Denkall, QV, Tornel, and Syntex started greasing a few palms and lobbying hell steroids would be legal, they could even have over the counter dosed roids....

    like flintstones chewable winstrol tablets...

    **** the government.... they can pass all the laws they want, as long as I can vaccum seal the powder I am stocking up on from china, I will have steroids for 10 life times...

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    imo john mcain needs some test e and dbol

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    Lets all look at this in a educated way. It comes down to this..Those out of shape law passers are all upset that they lose their wives to guys like us who in our mid 20s to some as well into their 50s and 60s because their wives would rather grab onto a hard ass then a lump of lard. Its called reality guys! Trouble is they are to lazy to join us so they pass laws to try to beat us.

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