first of all.please don't post unless you have useful info on my question. i have heard of all the greg val. comments already thanks.

i had purchased a bottle of esik clean. i have read all the info on it and in some of the articles i read it comes in 2nd or 3rd best to use. of course pnp is 1st. but because of the price advertised in many different sights it is selling for $70.00 so i said what the hell and purchased a bottle from discount nutrition on yahoo.
when it came in the mail, the lable was a different lable, than what is shown on the websites.
i wrote to them telling them that i was pissed because of the lable is different and they told me that i was crazy and esik-clean changes there lables constantly. after arguing with them not knowing if it is true or not i gave up. a month later i decided to inspect the bottle a little more and noticed when i shake it up there is alot of shit floating around in it. i don' t know whether it is seperating or it is just garbage in the bottle but now i might just throw it away.

so finally my question is has anybody that has used esik-clean or pnp ever have this problem and what was the outcome? pm me if you want i am just debating on throwing this shit out.