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    Question about parabolin

    I am currently 3 weeks into a six week cycle of parabolin and ten weeks of HGH. this is my first cycle and i am still learning alot.
    my question is:
    Since para creates no water retention in the muscle would taking creatine as well help to promote muscle strength/size/growth?
    if so would it be temporary or would it help to maximize long term muscle strenth growth?

    any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    HGH for a firsy cycle seems like a really big step for the inexperienced. Some respond well to creatine. and your not taking any orals so you should handle it well

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    Creatine is always temporary. GH will cause a bit of water retention for a fair amount of people.

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    parabolan is the tren depot yes?6 weeks is not long enuff will only start working week4-5.

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