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Thread: muscle cramping

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    Question muscle cramping

    i am three weeks or so into cycle of prop and i play baseball and other sports
    i noticed that my calves are cramping pretty badly during running
    is cramping common or have nothing to do with the aas?

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    Are you taking clen or an ECA stack?

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    Calf cramps are one of the first signs of dehyadartion.
    A lot of the times the drugs you take for bodybuilding make it hard for your mustles to stay hydrated.
    Taurine, and vitamin K lep a little bit. Same with glycerol and pyruvate, but they only help slightly.

    Everyones body rescts different to different drugs.
    If you keep getting cramps and are drinking more water and taking the supps I recomended, then you might want to considder stopping the pharmaceuticals.
    You could injur yourself really bad if you are not carefull, listen to your body.
    I have had my share of injuries, believe me I know!

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    drink water take some potasium and call me in the morning

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