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    At least, some1 please read & answer

    I just got the Clen /T3 combo and have few questions.
    1) If my rat will take 40mcg to start of Clen, it should take it all at once or divided thru the day?

    2) My rat still need to take Benadryl the weeks it will be taking T3?

    3) Do my rat need anything else besides Taurine?

    and last but not least, T3 & Clen will be taken with 200mg deca /wk, 300mg test cyp/wk, anything you might think my rat will need? Drop your opinion, I'm all ears.... specially my rat!!!!!!!!

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    How to administer Clenbuterol :

    Drugs, like Albuterol, clenbuterol..etc (beta agonists) are designed to stimulate the beta 2 receptors in your lungs.. (that's how the help fight asthma) however, they will also stimulate the beta 1 recepters in your heart.. That is why beta agonists raise your rhr.. Why it's necessary to be careful while using clen (and clen's long half life and it's effect on heart rate are part of the reason it was actually banned by the FDA). The increased heart rate helps raise your metabolism, which inturn helps you lose weight. Not rocket science. There have been many rumors for years that clen is anti-catabolic, yet I've never once seen any definitive evidence that proves this. Basicaly, Clen is just mild Speed. That's how it works.

    To begin a cycle of clenbuterol, I do 12 days on and 12 days off. Some people do a full two weeks on and two weeks off, but I feel that after about 12 days the receptors are done, and taking more clen is pointless. It takes about 12-14 days after your last dose for them to recover enough to start administering clen again.

    I use an ephedrine caffeine stack during the time I am not on clen. You can take them together if you really want to, ephedrine targets differant receptors than clenbuterol, but I don't like to do this because my heartrate is allready high enough from the clen.

    Here's the stack.

    Day 1 - 40mcg
    Day 2 - 60mcg
    Day 3 - 60mcg
    Day 4 - 80mcg
    Day 5 - 80mcg
    Day 6/12 - 100mcg (from here out its up to you) From here you can go up another 20mcg ed untill you get the shakes, once this happens drop the dosage by 20mcg and BANG thats your tolerance level for clen.

    Day 13 start taking an ECA stack (whatever dosage you are comfortable with)

    Once the 12-14 days are over, you start back taking the clenbuterol for another 12 days, you cycle up a little differant this time....

    Day 1 - 40mcg
    Day 2 - 60mcg
    Day 3 - 80mcg
    Day 4 - 100mcg
    Day 5 - (again from here out its up to you)

    I very rarely go over 120mcg ED but some people are less sensative. I monitor my pulse. If I take my entire dose in the morning, I check my heartrate about an hour and a half later, and make sure I don't have the shakes. My resting heartrate is around 75 bpm, so If Two hours after taking my dose my resting heartrate is around 105-110 bpm, I don't need to take anymore. You can take the dose all at once or seperate .. it doesn't matter, as clen has about a 12 hour half life.

    WRT Liquid, It's pretty much the same as the tabs, you just need to know what the microgram per ML ratio is, and administer it the same. Clen survives the digestive tract very well, so there isn't a real differance between injectable, liquid, or tabs.

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    WOW, I wish everyone who got so much knowledge like you will help more frecuently!!, this guy was posting in every forum (I reas about it in 3 diferent forums) without an answer. This help me too, cos I start soon my T3/Clen Combo!!!!!!!!!!

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