Ok Every One, Heres A Little Back Ground On Me, 46 Yrs , 5' 9" 192 Lbs
Bf@ About 12% On Good Diet And And Am Being Trained By A Pro.

Spent A Lot Of Time In The Joint When I Was Younger Age 17 -28 Lifted But Did Not Really Understand Bb As I Do Today.

Started Two And Half Years Go Bb And Have Made Some Good Gains And Have Done A Couple Of Competions To Get My Feet Wet, Didn't Place But My Son Did First Time Out.

Not Wanting To Go Backto Prison I Have Opted For A Leagle Means To Optain My Gear, Yes Expensive! But I Owen My Own Business And Dont Want To Gamble With My Possesion That I Have Abtained Over The Last 18 Years

In The Past I Have Abused Drugs So I Am Not Afraid Of Injections Though These Type Of Needles Are Going To Be A Bit Bigger And Are To Be Used Muscularly And Not Intravienous

Need Some Ideas On What Type Of Cycle For My First Time.

I Have Test E 200 Ml X10 2ea. And Deca 300 Ml X10 2 Ea.
I Do Some D-bol Also.
Yes I Do Have Products From The Ar Store And Will Need Some Pct Advice.