I was reading that THC from marijuana, even smoked is technically an Omega 3 fatty acid. Because Americans are so starved for omega 3 fatty acids and need it, this is why THC is so aggressively absorbed and hold by our bodies. Turns out people taking Fish oil or flax oil and have better supply of omega 3 fatty acids have a dramatically reduced retension of THC and are 80% more likely to pass drug tests then those that do not regularly take fish oil. A new study shows that urine test are not able to detect marijuana even from daily users after 60 hours of abstaining from marijuana use, if fish and flax seed oils are a regular and consistent part of the daily diet.

This is not to advocate marijuana, but it turns out hemp seed oil is the #1 best and most balanced Omega 3 fatty acid source. Rather or not any of you smoke pot on occasion, and might want to pass drug test on the fly if one came up, its just a good idea to keep taking your fish oils, flax seed oils.