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    Finasteride + high doses of Test, question

    Usually my hair begins to shed at 1000mg of Test /week but after almost a month of finasteride its all but stopped, its about 90% better

    I've always wanted to use more Test since I basicly have no sides from it except hair loss, acne is no problem, gyno is not a big issue either.

    For those who have actually tried and can tell me from their own experiance, after you started with finasteride how much additional Test could you add and still be on the safe side with the hair? I'm thinking of upping to 1250, then 1500, etc. by 250 each time but with Test E to work with it would be a pain in the ass if I started shedding badly, the stuff takes forever to get out of you.

    Any suggestions?

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    just listen to your body and tweak it as you feel necessary. i think in this instance you will just have to find out first hand.... Be safe, good luck, and keep us posted on your results/findings!

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